ESTEL INEO CRYSTAL Hair Lamination set
мар. 25, 2020

ESTEL INEO CRYSTAL Hair Lamination set-in Box, new
ESTEL INEO CRYSTAL Hair Lamination Set


INeo-Crystal -is back, express lamination that transforms hair in just 10 minutes without the use of thermal tools. Result: elasticity, smoothness, strength, density, multidimensional crystalline radiance and a “memory effect” on the hair, facilitating styling.


Two-phase keratin hair primer ESTEL iNeo-Crystal
Prepares hair for applying a laminating 3D gel: saturates the structure with keratin, provides a perfect fit for the laminating gel, for bleached hair, it neutralizes the residual effect of the brightening composition.

3D lamination hair gel ESTEL iNeo-Crystal

Forms a thin breathable film on the surface of the hair, which smoothes the cuticle and serves as a natural protective barrier. The hair is smooth, dense, shiny and obedient, protected from mechanical damage and aggressive environmental influences. INeo-Crystal 3D lamination gel seals the color molecule after dyeing the hair and allows you to preserve the shade for a long time.

ESTEL iNeo-Crystal Hair Polishing Serum

Gives hair a spectacular crystalline shine, protects against negative factors and prolongs the effect of lamination.

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